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Dr. Karolína Hlavatá


Professional education

2011Ph.D. in human physiology and pathophysiology at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague, dissertation on the theme of “the influence of individual nutritional factors on the success of a weight loss regime – predictors of weight reduction”.
2010State rigorous examination at the Pedagogical Faculty, Masaryk University Brno, subject of health education for primary schools, academic title doctor of philosophy (PhDr.), theme of rigorous work: Obesity – self-help manual
2001–2002Specialisation in healthcare, human nutrition, Masaryk university, Brno
1997–1999Public healthcare, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague


Work experience

2011-presentProfessional guarantor of company Vím, co jím a piju, o.p.s
2012-presentOB clinic, Prague – dietician
2011–2012Education in dietology for bachelor's subject “nutrition therapist”, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague.
2003-presentEndocrinology institute, Prague – dietician


Membership of professional associations

  • Member of supervisory board, Vím, co jím a piju o.p.s
  • Member of Society for Nutrition
  • Member of Czech Obesitology Society
  • Member of Czech Medical Society of JE Purkyně

Other professional activities

  • External co-operation for foodstuffs companies.
  • Dozens of lectures for professional and lay public, publication activity in professional and popular journals.
  • Lecturing activity for corporate firms.

Scientific research activity

  • Fandíme zdraví – (National programme health – projects in support of health, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic 2016- 2017)
  • Healthy Lifestyle Academy (Journalism academy), National health programme – projects in support of health, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic 2015 and 2016
  • What do you do for your health? (National health programme – projects in support of health, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic 2015)
  • Eat healthily and exercise – that's what it's about! (National health programme – projects in support of health, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic 2014)
  • European framework programme. The incidence of metabolic syndrome – prevention by timely diagnosis and treatment of obesity in children and adolescents. (2008–2011)
  • Multicentric European grant DIOGenes, 6th framework programme (2005–2009)


  • Educational materials for teachers and pupils in 1st year of primary school (in co-operation with the General Health Insurance Company and the Live Healthily project. Methodical portal RVP.
  • COPAT – 10 steps to a healthy lifestyle and suitable weight (team of authors, Endocrinology institute, Prague, 2010).
  • Stárka, L. et al. Advances in endocrinology. Prague. Maxdorf. 2007.
  • Mužík, V. et al. Nutrition and exercise as a part of health education at primary school. A handbook for teachers. Brno. Paido. 2007.
  • Pařízková, J.; Lisá, L. et al. Obesity in childhood and adolescence – therapy and prevention. Prague. Galén. 2007.

Language skills

  • English – communicative level
  • German – communicative level

Hobbies and interests

  • Badminton, cycling, mountain hiking, swimming, reading, gardening

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