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Autumn with the new issue of HEALTH+ Magazine

Program Health Plus clinic has prepared more interesting reading material for you in the form of the new issue of HEALTH+ magazine, this time with the sub-heading “Everything for the Health of Your Children”. 

Testing for COVID-19 at Program Health Plus

If clients of Program Health Plus need to be tested for Covid-19 in order to obtain a negative confirmation due to a trip abroad, they can take a PCR test (nasopharyngeal swab) directly within the premises of the clinic. Clients who feel healthy but nevertheless wish to make certain they do not have the virus can also take the test at the clinic.

The best time for flu vaccination

With the oncoming autumn, the optimum time is approaching for vaccination against flu, which is especially useful this year, when the flu season may intersect with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Program Health Plus for family firms

The Association of Family Firms traditionally organises meetings for its members, incorporating professional seminars, workshops and thematically oriented discussions on the business of family firms.

Best access routes to the paediatric department

We have opened a new paediatric department for you, located in the historical Ringhoffer Villa near the main building of the Program Health Plus clinic. The sensitively reconstructed premises of the Nový Smíchov Villa (Radlická 19/1, Prague 5) offer children and their parents a higher standard of comfort and healthcare. What is the best way to reach us?

Long-term prevention of COVID-19

A while ago we informed you on our website about the possibilities of prevention against Covid-19. With regard to the fact that knowledge about this disease is still developing, together with Dr. Roman Košek we again focused on the coronavirus and on new observations concerning preventive measures for the highest risk groups. If the Czech Republic is hit by an expected second wave of the epidemic, it will be useful to be prepared...

Infectious ticks: how to avoid the danger

Now that the state of emergency in the Czech Republic had ended, more and more people are spending time outdoors. However, after the mild winter there is expected to be a large number of ticks this year. Many of them may be infected, and as a result they can cause serious illnesses in humans, such as tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease or rare forms of tularemia. Dr. Jan Kábrt, head doctor at Program Health Plus, provides advice on how to minimise the risk of infection and avoid serious health problems.

Opening of new paediatric department

On Monday 1 June, on the occasion of International Children’s Day, we are opening our new paediatric department, which will offer you and your children a higher standard of comfort and quality of medical care.

New online chat service

We have prepared a new online chat service for our clients, which will make it quicker and easier for you to resolve all your requirements in the field of healthcare. The aim is to make your life easier, not only during the time of the pandemic.

Testing for COVID-19

Program Health Plus clinic offers clients the option of testing for the presence of antibodies against the virus causing COVID-19, in the form of quick tests or serological tests conducted in a laboratory. Those interested can contact their personal doctor, who will arrange everything necessary with them.