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Comprehensive healthcare for children

Children need special attention, and this is especially true in the area of healthcare. The provision of comprehensive and in particular high quality healthcare is therefore an important basis for their healthy lives. No matter whether this involves the treatment of regular childhood illnesses, regular prevention and vaccination, dental care, speech therapy, the treatment of allergies or the provision of psychological care, the Health Plus Program provides children with a comprehensive spectrum of medical services under one roof.

Like their parents, children also have a personal physician who coordinates all of their healthcare with specialists from all medical fields. It is our goal to guarantee them a personal approach and maximum individual care and to make each visit to the clinic as pleasant as possible. We also maintain digital medical records for children.

Comprehensive healthcare must be continuously accessible and parents can therefore use our 24-hour call service with experienced receptionists, who can arrange a consultation with a personal physician, an emergency examination or the dispatch of a physician to see the patient. The Health Plus Program also arranges any eventual hospitalisation, predominantly at the top quality Children’s and Young Peoples’ Clinic in Karlov, where we have built deluxe rooms to cater for the comfort of our young clients and their mothers.

We offer children two special healthcare programs with varying ranges of standard and deluxe services.

New contents of programmes valid for contracts concluded since 1.5.2021

Garnet Junior 21
Sapphire Junior 21