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Comprehensive healthcare programs

An established system of medical prevention, consultancy and reconditioning can have a positive influence on company employees’ condition of health, and in doing so contribute to increasing their efficiency and improving the company’s effectiveness and results. Premium deluxe healthcare for employees, which goes above and beyond the framework of standard “healthcare”, therefore definitely pays for itself in the long-term.

The Health Plus Program has prepared three special healthcare programs for companies (Garnet 21, Sapphire 21 and Diamond 21) with varying ranges of standard and premium medical services. It is therefore possible to select different programs for the company’s top management and for its more regular employees.

Our services for companies include expert consultancy on healthcare matters, which we organise in accordance with the needs of the employer in relation to the given work and requirements (lectures by specialists in internal medicine, a physiotherapist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, etc.).

New contents of programmes valid for contracts concluded since 1.5.2021

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