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Dr. Vladislav Mrzena


Professional education

1989properly rehabilitated in front of scientific council of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague
1985Defence of candidate's dissertation
1980Second-level attestation in Orthopaedics
1974First-level attestation in Orthopaedics
1965-1971Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University, Prague

Work experience

since 2010Program Health Plus

began work as secondary physician at 2nd orthopaedic clinic in Prague, Karlovo Náměstí. The clinic is under the jurisdiction of Motol University Hospital, and has sincemoved to the complex of Motol University Hospital, Prague 5

During the years of practical experience gradually appointed in the positions of the leading physician of the department, assistant specialist and the vide-head of the clinic. Due to the teaching commitment at the II. Medical Faculty of Charles University in the eighties, he was for administrative reasons transferred under the main employer: the II. Medical Faculty of Charles University Prague, V úvalu 84, Prague 5. He held the post of the head of the clinic till 1.2.2110 when he decreased his work load to one half.

1971Employed at Kolín Health Centre with place of work Český Brod Hospital (Department of Internal Medicine and Surgery)

Membership of professional organizations:

  • Czech Trauma Society

Other professional activities:

During the years a number of external activities. To name just a few, the list would include:

  • orthopaedic consultations at Clinic of Paediatric Surgery at 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Thomayer Hospital
  • orthopaedic consultations at Institute of the Blind, Prague 5, Palata
  • teacher at Pedagogical Faculty - department of Special Pedagogy
  • teacher of orthopaedics at Faculty of Rehabilitation, University of Physical Education and Sport
  • orthopeadic consultations at department of paediatrics Na Homolce hospital
  • consultant specialist at Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Prague

Language skills

  • German
  • Russian


  • classical music, folk, cycling

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