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The organisation and mediation of individual healthcare

What are the advantages of the Garnet programme?


  • Coverage of the full spectrum of diagnostic, medical, rehabilitative and preventive care in all key fields of medicine within the framework of our clinic or co-operating providers and laboratories
  • Organisation and mediation of comprehensive healthcare – 24-hour service of reception and emergency doctors / call service
  • Personal doctor – continuous monitoring of patient’s condition of health
  • Guarantee of appointment for acute examination (internal medicine) within 24 hours
  • Call-outs of doctor or medical professional within the territory of the city of Prague, and to selected localities within the surrounding area of Prague for the price of CZK 5 000.00 (not a substitute for emergency services)
  • Administration of comprehensive digital health documentation, available to all attending doctors and client
  • Electronic healthcare eHEALTH with convenient access via the client zone on your PC or via the mobile app HealthPlus offers:
    • Comprehensive health documentation and laboratory examinations
    • Appointments for examinations linked with personal calendar
    • Overview of comprehensive medications, ePrescription, eSick note
    • Graphic presentation of measured health values over time
    • Online chat service with administrative and medical support
    • Video-visits to doctors’ surgeries, enabling full substitution of check-ups
    • Telemetry (distance measurement of health values)
    • Current health information according to observation groups
  • Service in foreign languages – translation (English, German)
  • No surcharges for care covered by health insurance companies
  • Substantial discounts on care not covered by health insurance companies
  • Provision of institutional emergency service at Na Homolce hospital


  • Organisation of comprehensive initial and basic preventive check-up individualised according to patient’s condition of health (regularly 1x per year)
  • Discounts and coverage of medications, health implements and other therapeutic functions not covered by health insurance companies, which we consider beneficial for clients (see current benefits)


  • Organisation of transport of patient by ambulance to healthcare facility on the basis of instruction of attending doctor
  • In case of necessity, hospitalisation at Na Homolce hospital or in our contractual healthcare facilities
  • Reception service at NHH – assistance according to client’s requirements, possibility of visits of receptionist during hospitalisation


  • Extended vaccination for Czech Republic (see current benefits)


  • Wide spectrum of benefits according to current offer