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HealthPlus Mobile App for Modern Care of Your Health

Program Health Plus has developed the HealthPlus app for smart phones, thanks to which access to health services and information is now much faster and more convenient.


The HealthPlus app in brief

  • Based on state-of-the-art technologies, bringing new options for the provision of medical care and health services via your mobile phone.
  • Enables users to have constant access to information about their condition of health and management of their medical care. 
  • Offers utilisation of the broad possibilities of telemedicine (including video consultations with doctors and telemetry), which enables solution of minor health complaints without the need to visit the clinic.
  • Simple, user-friendly handling, suitable for everyone.
  • Functions on all types of smart phones and is free for download in App Store and Google Play.
  • Essentially a clinic in your pocket, which brings you several useful advantages.


10 advantages for users

  1. Provides access to all medical reports
  2. Reminds clients of appointments for planned check-ups and examinations
  3. Offers detailed information about recommended medications
  4. Enables direct connection with the clinic’s reception and call service
  5. Opens up access to use of online chat service and video consultation with doctors
  6. Provides home telemetry for prevention and monitoring of condition of chronically sick patients
  7. Allows opportunity to share data among family members
  8. Provides tips and information from current goings on at clinic
  9. Guarantees highest available level of security of health data
  10.   Increases speed and convenience of access to information about medical care

What specifically does the app offer?

Sum of medical reports

contains medical reports from personal doctor and specialists, including important information about undergone examinations and health checks. Medical reports can also be sent by e-mail

Overview of medication
offers an overview of all recommended and long-term used medications, including dosage and information from package leaflets of the given medicaments

Appointments for examinations
overview of appointments for all medical check-ups and examinations with specific data about where and when the examination is to take place, and which doctor will perform it. Enables navigation function, which guides users right to the door of the surgery in question

Link with calendar
the mobile phone informs users of each newly ordered medical check-up not planned by doctors with the aid of a notification on the status bar. Export of appointments directly into the calendar on the mobile phone can also be switched on

Information filter
for simpler orientation within all the information stored in the app you can use the filtration function. Simply enter simple search criteria

Direct communication channel
the app ensures the option of direct communication with clinic staff, and it is possible to use e-mail and telephone to contact the Program Health Plus reception or call service

Quick solution of requests
it provides the option of sending inquiries or requests at any time, and you can send an image photographed with your phone together with the message. This is useful in the case that the client wishes to consult a medical professional regarding the appearance of an acute symptom

Online chat service
in addition to the classic communication channels (telephone, e-mail), from the app (and also the client zone on the website) it is also possible to use the online chat service. This connects clients with the chat team, who will immediately resolve clients’ problems and requests, from various administrative matters, through ordering appointments for examinations to the securing of ePrescriptions

Video consultation with doctors
in the case of interest on the part of clients, it is possible to arrange video consultations with a personal doctor or selected specialists, who will arrange a specific time that suits the client. Via video consultation it is possible to address minor health complaints or consult doctors regarding unexpected changes of physical condition

Useful information
the app provides an overview of all useful and interesting news from the Program Health Plus clinic, for example information about the running of the clinic, invitations for vaccinations or special events. It also includes “observation groups”, offering useful health information for various different groups of chronically ill clients
Recommended apps
the app offers a list of further smart phone apps which may be useful for health. With one click it redirects users to App Store or Google Play, where they can immediately download the selected app

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