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Dr. Ivan Kolombo


Professional education

2005Defence of prestigious international examination in urology in Paris - title FEBU
2004Second-level attestation in Urology
1998First-level attestation in Urology
1997Second-level attestation in Surgery
1992First-level attestation in Surgery
1983-1989Military Medical Academy, Charles University - VLA JEP, Hradec Králové

Work experience

since 2010Program H Plus
1991-2005Hospital in Turnov - surgery and urology
1989-1990Central Military Hospital, Prague - surgery and urology

Membership of professional organizations

  • Czech Urological Society
  • Society for Robotic Surgery
  • Czech Surgical Society
  • Society for Metabolic Diseases of Skeleton
  • Member of International Urological Society
  • European Association of Urology
  • Corresponding member of the American Urological Society
  • International Andrological Society
  • Member of the editorial of a professional magazine for physicians - Urology for Practice and Endoscopy

Other professional activities


  • chief author or co-author of over 150 professional articles, publications and lectures, focusing primary on urogenital infections and uro-oncological issues
  • chief author: Skeletal Disability in Uro-Oncology (Galén 2005), Infection of the Urinary Tract (Galén 20)
  • regular publications whitin the framework of professional medical programmes (Czech and international professional magazines)
  • chief author and editor of a new multimedia monograph devoted to the topic of Prostate Cancer In the Era of Robotic Technologies, published by an internationl team in cooperation with the University of Electronics
  • new monograph concerned with kidney cancer currently being comleted
  • developing robotic techniques on the operating system daVinci (primarily oncosurgical radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer and reconstructive procedures) in the Centre for Robotic Surgery and Urology of Na Homolce hospital
  • regular lectures on specialist medical programmes, domestic and international symposia Vancouver, Stockholm, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Zagreb, Yekaterinburg etc.)
  • specialist lecturer in several postgraduate specialist educational programmes at the University of Electronics
  • cooperation as a professional supervisor the leading patient organization associating patients with prostate cancer Arcus-EuropaDona (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague)
  • lectures - professional primarily urological and uro-oncological issues for physicians in postgraduate education (Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education / ILF, Prague)
  • assistance in coordination and management of preventive programmes in serious urological and oncological diseases in cooperation with Arcus-EuropaDona- Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education Prague, further in electronic form of health care in the programme Health or in educational programmes broadcast on the Czech Radio.

Language skills

  • English
  • Russian
  • German

Hobbies and interests

  • sports, nature

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