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Current vaccination information in Heath Plus

  • Booster versions available:
    We currently also have at the disposal a two-component (bivalent) vaccine (original variant + omicron) Comirnaty Original / Omicron variant BA.4-5 It is also possible to use the Novavax/Nuvaxoid vaccine and the two-component vaccine Moderna as a booster, but these are only available in vaccination centers. The Comirnata and Moderna vaccines can be interchanged, or the same brand of vaccine used for the 3rd dose can be used for the 4th dose.
  • Vaccination Centers - Vaccination with vaccines which are not currently available at Health Plus:
    If you prefer any of the vaccines that we do not currently have available at Health Plus, please ask our staff for assistance or advice on ordering at vaccination centers. More information on booking possibilities can be found here: https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/ockovani-proti-covid-19/ The list of vaccination sites can be found here: https://ockoreport.uzis.cz/
  • Are you interested in the 5th booster dose?
    We have noticed the interest of clients who have already received the 4th dose and would like to be revaccinated with the current two-component vaccine. The SPC package leaflet of the Comirnaty bivalent vaccine no longer counts the doses and says that the booster can be applied 3 months after the previous dose of the COVID vaccine (meaning any including Moderna). In Europe and in our country, there are still recommendations for a maximum of 4 doses. We are waiting for an official statement/recommendation, we will not apply the 5th dose yet.
  • Flu vaccination
    There are concerns about a stronger flu season this year (the previous 3 seasons, due to the anti-covid measures, were practically flu-free), so we also recommend flu vaccinations to our clients. This is still ongoing at Health Plus and it is possible to register for it at our receptions. It is ideal to carry out the vaccination by the end of November, possibly even by the mid of December.

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