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Health Plus membership in Planetree international

Planetree International is the world's largest project devoted to so-called Person Centered Care - i.e. care directly focused on a person. It covers a number of exceptional medical centers and hospitals, e.g. John Hopkins Hospital in the USA and other 800 facilities around the world. These are connected by the Planetree certification, which helps facilities, through proven methods, to create a more humane and welcoming environment for patients and their families, as well as for caring medical professionals and other employees. We are proud to be the first medical facility in Central Europe which will apply for this certification as well. We already know that this partnership will bring us countless opportunities for improvement - so that we can offer you, our clients, even better and more effective health care.

As part of our upcoming preparation for certification and the process of improving our pro-client approach, we will also establish so-called Client Council. Meetings of this council would be attended by any of our clients who are interested in discussing this topic with us and bringing suggestions for improvement. If you are already interested in working with us on this project, please contact Ing. Eva Pašková at eva.paskova@programhplus.cz.

Learn more about Planetree's organization and certification at http://planetree.org

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