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Opening of new surgeries in the Nový Smíchov Villa

For the beginning of February, Program Health Plus has prepared a very positive new addition in the form of the opening of new surgeries. As of 1 February, a comfortable neurology department with state-of-the-art equipment will commence its operation in the premises of the Ringhoffer Villa (Nový Smíchov Villa) on Radlická street, followed three days later by new physiotherapy surgeries.


Due to constantly growing demand from clients for addressing complaints in connection with the musculoskeletal system, the physiotherapy department will be substantially extended. It will now have two separate surgeries available, as well as a small gymnasium with a changing room and shower, offering optimum premises for all necessary physiotherapy techniques, as well as for medical exercises or therapeutic courses in small groups. Clients will be able to make use of the services of a rehabilitation doctor, who will provide comprehensive diagnostic care and set an individual therapeutic plan. Rehabilitation will be conducted by two university educated physiotherapists and an experienced masseur.


A new surgery for neurology shall also offer clients pleasant, modern-equipped premises with secure and comfortable facilities for clients. The surgery hours of the neurology department have further been extended to four days a week. The aim of opening new departments is to group together fields of medicine that are closely linked and often directly follow on from one another, so as to ensure that clients have all the necessary care available to them, ideally under one roof. Children and adults have their own reception at their disposal in the Ringhoffer Villa, with a pleasant rest area, the option of small refreshments and a separate entrance to the surgeries.


In the coming months, further departments of specialists for children and adults will also be relocated to the Nový Smíchov Villa, and we shall keep you informed of all new features. Thanks to the freeing of space within the premises of the clinic on Kartouzská street, access shall be provided to new specialisations such as diabetology or rheumatology, which have been unavailable at Program Health Plus until now. The reason for this development is the increasing incidence of diseases of affluence, for example hypertension, diabetes mellitus, rheumatic disorders and many other illnesses in connection with an unhealthy lifestyle. Clients at Program Health Plus will thus have a comprehensive spectrum of medicine at their disposal to address their health complaints, as well as for preventing the occurrence of various other conditions in addition to diseases of affluence.

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