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Access to new surgeries in Nový Smíchov Villa

Program Health Plus’s second centre in the Nový Smíchov Villa extends our offer of medical disciplines. In addition to the paediatrics department, it also houses now up and running surgeries for ENT, neurology, physiotherapy and massages, and from approximately mid-March new departments of allergology, immunology and ophthalmology are due to open. Access to the villa complex is enabled with the aid of a client chip card.

Clients who are preparing to visit the paediatrics department or attend an examination in the above-mentioned surgeries do not need to report to reception in the clinic on Kartouzská street. Two separate receptions for children and adults operate directly in the Nový Smíchov Villa, with a comfortable reception lounge. Clients are always informed of the centre where they have an ordered visit by the receptionist when arranging it, and are also reminded in the form of an SMS invitation one day before the appointment for the examination, as well as by a notification in the HealthPlus mobile app. If you are not sure of which centre to report to for your appointment, simply contact our reception by e-mail or our online chat service, and our staff will be happy to help you.

Access to the clinic in the Nový Smíchov Villa is secured by a tollgate, which can be opened by a client chip card. Clients who do not yet have a card can request one at any of our receptions on Radlická or Kartouzská street. It will either be made for you while you wait, sent by post upon prior arrangement, or you can collect it on your next visit to the clinic. For clients in the Sapphire and Diamond programmes, a car park is available in the Nový Smíchov complex, for which the client card is also used to open the toll bar. In the case of any problems with access to the complex or functioning of cards, please contact our reception.

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