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The Pleasure of Playful Beauty at Program Health Plus

The interior premises of the Program Health Plus clinic on Kartouzská street were recently transformed in order to offer visitors another unique artistic experience in the form of an exhibition of watercolours, accompanied with fascinating glass sculptures.

The newly installed exhibition of works for sale entitled Watercolours 2011–2021 is unique as the first public presentation of a cross-section of the work of the painter and sculptor Eliáš Dolejší in co-operation with the curator Magdalena Schnitzerová from the last decade, and furthermore is displayed outside the classic framework of art galleries, within the environment of a healthcare facility. His work is characterised by its typical delicate colour scheme, harmony and playfulness, mirroring his internal contemplations of complex existential questions, spirituality and Eastern philosophies, which invite art lovers to immerse themselves in their inner self.

The exhibition of watercolours in the corridors of the clinic is magically amplified by glass sculptures from the studio of the celebrated artistic couple Lenka and Richard Čermák, whose work is legendary for its lightness and fragility, but simultaneously also its unexpected monumentality. They capture romantic, refined, natural and symbolic images not only from the material world, and create an impression as if dreams had been transformed into glass.

The current exhibition at Program Health Plus follows on from a series of art exhibitions from previous years intended to make visiting the clinic more pleasant for clients, and to remind us of the notion that beautiful art helps heal the human body and soul. The exhibition can be visited during the clinic’s opening hours until the end of summer.

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