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Primary Care Superclinic for Company Employees

For clients from the ranks of Czech and foreign firms Program Health Plus offers a specific model of medical care for employees. This is the Primary Care Superlinic, i.e. a clinic offering primary medical care, in which the firm has a medical surgery at its disposal directly in the workplace. The company doctor ensures the organisation of comprehensive medical services covering preventive, diagnostic, medical and rehabilitative care.


  • Reduce employee sickness rates and length of unfitness for work.
  • Avoid industrial injuries and occupation-related diseases.
  • Improve employees’ long-term condition of health.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, thereby reducing fluctuation of employees.
  • Support motivation, effectiveness and labour productivity of employees.
  • Positively influence the company’s overall business results.

Healthcare for employees is a highly valued benefit, which can be utilised successfully in recruitment marketing. In case of interest it is possible to secure care also for family members of company employees.


  • Provision of targeted care for employees directly in the workplace. The company doctor takes care of a smaller number of patients than in regular practice (600–1 000 patients/clients per one doctor, instead of 1 800 – 2 200 clients, which is the usual number of patients for a general practitioner in the Czech Republic).
  • Thanks to this, the doctor can offer every client far more time and individual care, adapt fully to clients’ time requirements and offer maximum provision of information and comprehensive consultancy, with a focus on fast solution of health problems and maintaining a good condition of health.
  • In addition to the care of a company doctor, clients also have a wide spectrum of electronic healthcare (eHealth) services available to them within the framework of the smart mobile app HealthPlus.
  •  Company doctors have very good foreign language skills, and are able to ensure high quality medical care also for international employees.
  •  No surcharges are required from company employees for the care of the company doctor. On the contrary, Program Health Plus offers a broad spectrum of advantages and benefits.


A modern clinic built within your company premises, equipped with diagnostic technology and testing instruments for quick analysis, which does not require the sending of samples to a laboratory, and enables testing in the location of patient care.

The company doctor ensures the primary level of healthcare, while the secondary and tertiary levels of care are organised in co-operation with external specialists in the required medical fields. In the case of interest in priority ordering with a specialist, it is possible to secure an urgent appointment for an examination (for a fee).


  • Immediate medical care “on site” in the case of an urgent condition such as loss of consciousness, seizure, injury, massive haemorrhage etc.
  • Acute care of urgent health complaints such as disorders of the respiratory tracts, infection of the urinary tracts, haemorrhages and other smaller traumas etc.
  • Securing of medical examination on the same day or following day (in the case of serious health problems in connection with work or potentially in connection with work, such as any type of occupational injury, exposure to significant risk factors, pronounced mood swings in connection with working stress etc.).
  • Observation and treatment of chronic diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, bronchial asthma, back pain, allergies etc.).


  • Regular preventive check-ups for all age groups every 2 years, extended laboratory testing (blood count, glucose level, liver tests, lipid metabolism, examination of renal function, liver tests, urine examination).
  • Screening and monitoring of a wide spectrum of relevant health problems such as level of cholesterol, triacylglycerol, uric acid etc.
  • Active provision of recommended screening programmes (occult blood test, PSA test, thyroid function) or monitoring/recommendation of screening programmes (mammography, cervical screening/cervical swab, colonoscopy) for selected population (according to age and sex, family or personal medical history).
  • Regular and travel vaccinations (tetanus, hepatitis A and B, flu etc.).
  • Extended consultation and personal training for implementing positive lifestyle changes, (quitting smoking, slimming, stress management etc.).
  • The offer of preventive care can be adapted to the specific working risks and requirements of the employer and employees.
  • In the case of interest, possibility of securing the services of psychotherapist or psychologist (for a fee).


  • We consider Primary Care Superclinic to be a highly appreciated employee benefit, which saves employees considerable time when ensuring acute and chronic medical care.
  • Thanks to minimal ordering and waiting times, employees can make far greater use of preventive check-ups and programmes, and receive medical attention and consultation in the early stages of illness. This fundamentally alters the sickness rate of employees within the company.
  • The doctor’s surgery hours can be adjusted according to the company requirements. The doctor can also be available outside of regular working hours (1x to 3x per week).
  • The company doctor can offer not only primary care and co-ordination of secondary and tertiary care, but also occupational medical services. This increases the probability of identifying all potentially negative factors in connection with work, thanks to which it is possible to ensure more effective avoidance of their potential impact on employee health.
  • In the case of interest, we can offer the comprehensive care of a paediatrician for children of employees.


The Primary Care Superclinic also includes a broad spectrum of services within the framework of electronic healthcare (eHealth). Clients from the ranks of employees can make use of the smart mobile app HealthPlus, which provides them with access to the world of digital medicine and offers several advantages.

  • Secure access to the client’s electronic health documentation.
  • Overview of ordered appointments for examinations with timely notification/SMS.
  • Quick access to results of all undergone examinations.
  • List of long-term used medications with dosage and package leaflets.
  • Highest available security of sensitive health data.
  • Online chat service and possibility of video consultations with company doctor.
  • Possibility of resolving minor health complaints in distance form without the need to visit the doctor in person (including sending of ePrescription or eSick Note and other necessary electronic confirmations).

More information about the HealthPlus mobile app at:

More information about the chat service and video consultations with doctors at:

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