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Sapphire Junior 21

We are your child’s health guides – active health management 

What are the advantages of the Sapphire Junior 21 programme?

Personalised healthcare – 24 hour service of reception and emergency doctors, including the possibility of telephone consultation and call-out of a doctor or healthcare professional throughout the territory of Prague and selected localities within the surroundings of Prague 6x per year (not a substitute for emergency services).

Guarantee of appointment for acute examination (by paediatrician) within 24 hours.

Consultation with co-operating outpatient specialists, diagnostic centres and hospitals for the purpose of improving and increasing the effectiveness of provision of comprehensive healthcare, monitoring of healthcare provided in these centres.
Co-operation and exchange of relevant health information within the framework of emergency services at Na Homolce Hospital and the Department of Paediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders Karlov.

Use of verified expert systems for the analysis of client data and monitoring of clients according to observation groups.

Co-operation and exchange of relevant health information within the framework of emergency services at Na Homolce Hospital.

Monitoring of risk of development of illness within the framework of long-term analyses of development of monitored values as part of secondary prevention.

Provision of statement from health documentation in English, German and Russian languages. 

Broad spectrum of preventive examinations / Extended preventive check-up focusing on child’s development

  • Comprehensive examination by personal doctor (paediatrician)
  • Biochemical blood test: Na, K, Cl, Ca, P, Fe, ferritin, Mg, bilirubin total + conjugated, ALT, AST, ALP, GMP, urea, creatinine, overall protein, albumin, uric acid, amylase, glycaemia, cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, CRP, TSH, fT4, vitamin D
  • Haematological blood test: blood count + diff, FW
  • Determination of blood group
  • Chemical examination of urine and urine sediment
  • Otoscopic examination
  • Dermatological examination – check of birthmarks
  • Abdominal ultrasound examination (in case of necessity) on the basis of recommendations of paediatrician
  • Children aged under 2 years: increased number of comprehensive preventive examinations beyond the framework stipulated by decree for detailed monitoring of psychomotor development with child neurologist and physiotherapist
  • Children aged over 2 years: comprehensive preventive examinations beyond the framework stipulated by decree, 1x per year

Full spectrum of vaccinations for Czech Republic and abroad according to prepared individual vaccination plan:

  • This concerns vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis, influenza, hepatitis A, pneumococcal disease, meningococcal disease, rotavirus diarrhoea, basic vaccination extended by component against chickenpox. Vaccination against HPV viruses for privileged conditions.

Fast laboratory diagnosis directly in the doctor’s surgery or in visiting service:

  • Peptest – innovative stomach reflux test
  • CRP – test for distinguishing bacterial and viral infections
  • STREP A – quick test for detection of Streptococci
  • Glycaemia – determination of blood glucose level
  • URI TEST – quick complete urine analysis
  • Glycated haemoglobin – indicator of long-term glycaemia

Other tests not covered by public or commercial health insurance:

  • Genome test (targeted genetic examination)
  • Examination methods and testing relating to COVID 1x per year

Therapeutic procedures and healthcare implements:

  • Light plaster cast based on doctor's recommendations
  • First children’s earrings including application

Provision of further health services for privileged conditions:

  • Basic dental hygiene 1x per year
  • Nutrition consultancy
  • Hospitalisation in premium room 5x per year

Provision of further health services for privileged conditions according to current price list:

  • Corrective and cosmetic dermatology

Electronic healthcare eHEALTH with convenient access via the client zone on PC or via the HealthPlus mobile app, containing:

  • Comprehensive health documentation and laboratory examinations available to all attending doctors and the client
  • Overview of comprehensive medication and linkage with applications ePrescription and eSick Note, supplemented with information about effects and side effects of pharmaceuticals issued by the State Institute for Drug Control for improving correct use of medications and avoidance of complications
  • Graphic expression of measured health values over time and increased effectiveness of therapeutic measures for individual clients
  • Online chat service and video visits, enabling full substitution of follow-up examinations, increasing availability and greater effectiveness of provided healthcare
  • Video visits in doctor’s surgery, enabling full substitution of follow-up examinations
  • Telemetry (distance measurement of health values) for increased precision of diagnostic process

Benefits for family members:

  • Option of using health services of the Garnet 21 programme for a family member for three months 1x per a year for a privileged price.

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