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We are your child’s health guides – active health management 

What are the advantages of the Sapphire junior programme?


  • The mediation and organisation of comprehensive healthcare services all in one place with minimum loss of time
  • The services of a receptionist and on-call physicians provided by telephone 24-hopurs a day, an email service – the organisation of all care and answers to any questions, the mediation of contact with other healthcare facilities  
  • The care of a personal physician – continuous monitoring of the child’s condition within the framework of the Health Plus Program Polyclinic and at cooperating providers of outpatient and hospital care, the regular monitoring of the child patient’s condition, visits by the personal physician during hospitalisation at the Na Karlově Children and Young People’s Clinic.
  • Services in foreign languages – translation (in English, German and Russian) in association with the services stated in the aforementioned points 
  • The provision of extracts from the medical documentation in English and German free of charge
  • The fully digitalised maintenance of comprehensive documentation which is accessible to all the attending physicians and to the patient
  • No additional payments for care which is paid for by health insurance companies
  • Significant discounts on care which is not paid for by health insurance companies 
  • In the case of a required doctor call-out, 6 call-outs annually within the territory of the capital city free of charge: otherwise for 5,000 CZK including VAT. This does not replace the ambulance service
  • We provide an institutional emergency service at the Na Homolce Hospital and at the Na Karlově Children and Young People’s Clinic
  • The provision of an international healthcare assistance service during injuries abroad


  • The organisation of entrance and expanded preventative examinations (in more frequent intervals) focussed on monitoring the child’s development 
  • The delivery of long-term medication with the territory of the capital city Prague at the request of the client (on workdays)
  • Discounts and the full settlement of medicines, healthcare aids and other medical treatment which is not covered by the health insurance company and which we consider to be of benefit to the client


  • The organisation of the transportation of the program participant by ambulance to the healthcare facility on the basis of the attending physician’s instructions
  • Hospitalisation at the at the Na Karlově Children and Young People’s Clinic or at other contractual healthcare facilities, if necessary
  • Hospitalisation in a non-standard room in hospitals throughout the entire Czech Republic free of charge (5 days a year)


  • Active monitoring of the vaccination calendar 
  • Extended vaccination for the Czech Republic (the treatment and vaccination free of charge), the compilation of a vaccination plan when the program participant  travels abroad


  • Basic dental hygiene treatment 1x per year free of charge
  • Consultancy in the area of dietology and a healthy diet  
  • Parking in the polyclinic’s own car park, parking at the Na Homolce Hospital within the framework of outpatient treatment 
  • Program Garnet for family member for 3 months with 50% discount from the price of the program (1x a year)