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An Open Day with a Unique Art Exhibition

In mid-September, Program Health Plus held an exceptional gathering for its clients. The ceremonial event incorporated an Open Day, an exhibition of the academic painter Petr Písařík, and a celebration on the rooftop terrace of the Nový Smíchov shopping centre, offering a singular view of Prague and of both clinic buildings.

There were a number of reasons for this unique social occasion. The chief of these was to celebrate the opening of the second clinic building in the reconstructed historical Ringhoffer Villa, now renamed the Nový Smíchov Villa, which houses the paediatric department and selected surgeries of specialists for both children and adults. “Another reason was that we wanted to thank our clients for their patronage over the difficult Covid period. It’s touching that I’m able to say that in principle all our clients have remained loyal to us, and I thank you,” announced Program Health Plus founder Dr. Oldřich Šubrt to those at the gathering, which was attended by more than 300 clients over the course of the occasion on the rooftop terrace of the shopping centre. 


The third reason was to present innovative healthcare programmes, new surgeries and services, and to welcome new members of the Program Health Clinic team, who take care of clients’ health and ensure their satisfaction. The attendees were also familiarised with the new Vita Bene project, which connects the clinic with an art gallery and presents the concept of medical care in combination with art, because beautiful art helps heal the body and mind. “Within the framework of the project we shall arrange art exhibitions in both buildings of our clinic, which will make visiting the doctor more pleasant for our clients. On this occasion we have arranged a unique exhibition of the exceptional artist Petr Písařík,” informed Dr. Dr. Šubrt. The exhibition opening also included a guided tour. 


In addition to the tour of the exhibition and both clinic buildings, above all the sensitively reconstructed Nový Smíchov Villa, the Open Day also featured a social gathering with music and refreshments. As part of this occasion clients were presented with a further way to improve services, namely an online questionnaire with smart phone access via a QR code. The attendees received a calling card containing this code. “When clients scan this QR code, they open up a questionnaire in which they can inform us of how satisfied they are with our services, and above all recommend further services they might be interested in. These calling cards, with access to both the Czech and English versions of the questionnaire, will always be available in our clinic’s reception areas. Thanks to these, you can advise us on what we can improve and what to avoid, because we want to provide you with healthcare of the highest standard,” explained the founder of Program Health Plus. This unique occasion met with a positive reception, and we are already planning to repeat it next year.

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