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Autumn with the new issue of HEALTH+ Magazine

Program Health Plus clinic has prepared more interesting reading material for you in the form of the new issue of HEALTH+ magazine, this time with the sub-heading “Everything for the Health of Your Children”. The magazine offers useful information and advice from paediatricians and several specialists in paediatric fields. You can read about nervous seizures, various forms of sore throat, infectious skin diseases, disorders of thyroid gland function, asthma, bedwetting, or about the microbiome, which influences an individual’s physical and psychological health throughout the entire course of life. And child psychologist Dr. Jana provides advice on how parents can respond to the situation that arises when schoolchildren find themselves in a state of “disorder” due to the coronavirus, as well as on how to proceed now that the schools are closing once again. 
You can find the electronic version of HEALTH+ magazine on our website: https://programhplus.cz/casopis-health-plus
We wish you stimulating reading and the very best of health.