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COVID-19 testing

The epidemic situation in the Czech Republic is continuing to worsen during the advent season, and for this reason we present our clients with an overview of the currently available options for testing for Covid-19. Your personal doctor will advise you on the choice of a suitable test, orders for appointments will be arranged by our clinic’s reception.

If clients need to take a PCR test due to ordered quarantine or due to manifestations of symptoms of Covid-19, it is necessary to undergo testing at state registered centres. The recommended procedure is to contact the reception or your personal doctor, who will make out an electronic requisition form and arrange a suitable testing appointment. The clinic has reserved times at selected testing stations, tests can be arranged for a specific time and take place without waiting.

Should clients need to be tested for administrative reasons (due to a trip abroad, after returning, due to visiting social service institutions etc.), and have no symptoms of the disease, they may undergo a PCR test in a testing surgery within the clinic’s premises, with the possibility of compiling a certificate of negativity. Tests take place on weekday mornings, in necessary cases it is possible to arrange testing also at weekends in one of our co-operating facilities.

Testing for Covid-19 antibodies with the aid of the Elisa test takes place directly within the premises of our clinic. A sample is taken from blood serum, from which the presence of the antibodies IgG, IgM and IgA is determined. In contrast with PCR tests, antigen tests are slightly less sensitive, but provide a faster result with sufficiently high specificity. 

This is a simple, fast screening test producing a result within 30 minutes, which is used for the detection and differentiation of the antibodies IgG and IgM for Covid-19. A blood sample is taken in the clinic’s testing surgery and immediately analysed. The results provide information about whether the individual in question has been in contact with the virus SARS-CoV-2, although the test is not suitable for the diagnosis of acute infection. 

The fast screening AG test is performed with the aid of a simple nasopharyngeal swab, and provides a result within 20 minutes. It enables detection of antigens of the new coronavirus practically immediately after infection, but may be less precise in the case of lower viral charge. After ordering, the test can be taken every weekday morning. In the case of a positive result, a PCR test will follow in order to provide greater precision.

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