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Improved access to the client zone


In the coming days, Program Health Plus is set to launch a radical innovation of its electronic healthcare system (eHealth). The aim is to maximise security and increase comfort for clients when using the Client Zone and HealthPlus mobile app, which are used for accessing personal electronic health documentation. These new features will also bring clients further advantages.


Changes in the eHealth system will first be seen on 29 January (after our office hours), when the application form for the Mobile App (MA) and Client Zone (CZ) will be combined into a simpler, more user-friendly format. At the next login, clients will be welcomed by a slightly updated home page, which will now also function in English. “A fundamental change has been made to the function of password management, which will now enable clients to change their originally generated password and set their own password. Should clients forget their password, they can set a new one themselves at any time in the MA and CZ,” informs Program Health Plus IT specialist Martin Taraležkov, who has co-ordinated the innovation of the system. 


Secure login

The most important innovation is the complex change in the method of verifying the identity of our clients for online access to their electronic data in the CZ and MA. “Our new system for secure login uses the state-of-the-art authentication protocol OAuth2, which ensures the highest level of security and also offers further security measures, such as two-factor authentication or the use of biometric data (fingerprint or face scan),” explains the IT specialist. This protocol is used for example by banking systems, in which the highest security standards apply. Thanks to this protocol, the privacy and sensitive health data of our clients is guaranteed absolute security.  


“Remembered” data 

Before launching innovations, it is essential to update the entire eHealth system, which may affect users who use “remembered data” for login to the CZ or MA, in which the “Username” and “Password” are always entered automatically. “Unfortunately, after upgrading the system will not remember clients’ original login data, meaning that users will have to re-enter this data on the new login page, and remember it again. Otherwise clients should not have any difficulties with the update of the system, and the Client Zone and Mobile App will continue to function as our clients have been accustomed to up to now,” states Martin Taraležkov.  


How to set a new password

In the case that clients have forgotten their login data, they can use the following simple procedure. They will be informed of their username by our reception staff on telephone no. +420 227 071 111. “If clients don’t remember their password, they can simply click on the command “Set new password” on the login page. After entering their username, they will immediately receive an e-mail or SMS containing a link, with the aid of which they can set their new password. They can then use this immediately for access to their account in the Client Zone and Mobile App,” describes the IT specialist. Should clients have any difficulties logging into the CZ/MA, they can contact our reception and our employees will help them resolve all the necessary details. 


Exclusive functions and services

The main aim of all upgrades is to ensure the highest possible standard of security of client data, and to progressively offer clients new functions of electronic healthcare (eHealth). “We are confident that thanks to the aforementioned innovations the eHealth system will be not only maximally secure, but will also offer greater user comfort. The technological development of the CZ and MA is continuously ongoing, and in the near future will provide clients with exclusive access to further new functions and services, for example telemetry for household measurement of selected health factors,” concludes Martin Taraležkov from the IT department of Program Health Plus. We shall inform clients in a timely manner of all the relevant details and the offer of new services. 


Important links in case of need:

Link to Client Zone:  https://klient.programhplus.cz/en/

Link to Mobile App: https://programhplus.cz/mobile-application

Link to contacts: https://programhplus.cz/contacts


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