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New HEALTH+ magazine for clients of the clinic

Program Health Plus has prepared another edition of the popular client magazine HEALTH+, which this time focuses on the possibilities of state-of-the-art personalised medicine and medical care for company employees. 


In the magazine you can find highly interesting and useful information about tailor-made medicine and sophisticated prevention, which helps avert the onset and progression of several serious illnesses, as well as about the advantages of electronic healthcare and mobile apps for health. You’ll also find surprising facts concerning why people are most often declared unfit for work, and practical advice on first aid in the workplace, which can help protect health and save lives. 


In an interview, the clinic’s founder Dr. Oldřich Šubrt explains the reasons why the best company strategy is to invest in the health of its employees, and outlines the advantages this brings for both employers and employees. The magazine also describes the broad range of benefits of having a company doctor directly in the workplace, or when a Health Day is held for employees, personalised according to their health requirements. It also presents two key fields which help people not to “lose their minds” due to work stress, and avoid physical pain as a consequence of work. In addition it contains further interesting information, for example featuring Program Health Plus’s attractive art project entitled Vita Bene. 


You can find out more in our printed magazine HEALTH+, or in the electronic version of the magazine on the clinic website: https://programhplus.cz/health-plus-magazine

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