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Chat service and video consultation with doctors

The HealthPlus app and the website www.programhplus.cz provide you with access to an online chat service, which enables clients to resolve inquiries and requests concerning administration and medical care at Program Health Plus. Clients can also make use of video consultations with personal doctors and selected specialists.


  1. The online chat service operates from 08:00 to 15:30 every weekday. It is an effective tool for communication with the clinic staff. If a physical examination is not required, you can arrange most of your issues including minor health complaints from your home, workplace or elsewhere. The online chat service is user-friendly and intuitive.
  2. The members of the online chat service team are doctors, nurses and receptionists. They are fully able to communicate in foreign languages, and can arrange all your requirements at once and provide you with complete information, including your necessary documents. This will save you time on repeated telephone calls, e-mails or visits to the clinic
  3. Via the chat service it is possible for both parties to send documents, photographs and other necessary materials, including ePrescriptions. Text communication can be switched to an audio or video call. Simply ask a member of the chat team, who will connect you, and you can take the call.
  4. With the aid of the online chat service you can consult our team on acute health complaints and make inquiries relating to your health, request an ePrescription and various electronic confirmations. In the area of administration you can order appointments for examinations, update your personal data, send various inquiries and requests, and arrange other useful matters.
  5. All communication within the framework of the online chat service is secured by the clinic’s electronic system, in order to ensure protection of sensitive personal information and medical confidentiality.
  6. The online chat service increases the scope, speed and ease of communication with the Program Health Plus team. Other communication channels naturally continue to operate. During working hours it is possible to contact our reception by telephone and e-mail, outside of these hours the call service is in operation.


  • To use the online chat service you need to have a generated password for access to the client zone or HealthPlus mobile app (https://programhplus.cz/mobilni-aplikace). If you do not have this login data, simply contact our reception staff, who will generate it for you. For the purpose of ensuring the security of sensitive personal data, access passwords can be provided to clients only in person at the clinic reception, following verification of the client’s identity.
  • To open the chat service just click on the online chat icon. This icon is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen in the client zone, and in the mobile app is directly on the main screen and in the main menu.
  • After launching the chat service, you will be navigated by the “guidepost”, where you can choose whether to address an issue regarding health, administration or other requirements. You will then be connected with a receptionist, nurse or doctor, who will resolve everything necessary with you.
  • The use of electronic healthcare services, including our online chat service, is possible thanks to the fact that Program Health Plus medical staff have access to clients’ complete digitised health documentation, and have all the necessary administrative and medical information at their disposal. We ensure the thorough protection of all our clients’ personal data in accordance with the European GDPR directive.

How to use video consultation with a doctor​​​​​

  • Within the framework of communication with personal doctors and specialists at Program Health Plus, in addition to the classic communication channels (telephone, e-mail) it is possible also to use video consultation in the form of video calls or video conferences. These are useful for example in the case of minor health complaints, which do not require a physical medical examination.
  • If clients are interested in consulting a selected doctor regarding their complaints without visiting the surgery, they can arrange an appointment for a video consultation via our reception or online chat service. Video consultations are possible only during working hours.
  • Video consultations can be held via the HealthPlus mobile app or with the aid of classic video calls. Following prior arrangement with a specific doctor it is possible to use the communication tool that best suits the client..
  • Doctors at Program Health Plus can provide video consultations thanks to the fact that they have complete medical information about the given client, and are informed about the client’s long-term condition of health. However, medical consultations via video channels cannot replace a physical medical examination, and in the case of more serious complaints it is always necessary to visit the surgery in person.

Main advantages of video consultations

  • In the case of minor health complaints it is possible to perform a quick online diagnosis and recommend suitable therapy, including the sending of an ePrescription.
  • In the case of more serious complaints, the doctor can evaluate the acute condition via the video consultation, and arrange the soonest possible appointments for all the necessary examinations.
  • It is also possible to use video consultations for long-term observation of the condition of chronically ill patients, without the need for them to undergo frequent check-ups in the surgery.
  • Video consultations in connection with home telemetry are an excellent means also for primary and secondary health prevention.

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