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New online chat service

We have prepared a new online chat service for our clients, which will make it quicker and easier for you to resolve all your requirements in the field of healthcare. The aim is to make your life easier, not only during the time of the pandemic.

Due to the complex situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we have accelerated the development of our electronic services in order to make it simpler and more convenient for you to resolve the health issues that are currently troubling you. As of Monday 27 April we have launched a new online chat service, which is available in the HealthPlus mobile app and in the client zone on the website www.programhplus.cz. Every weekday from 07:30 to 15:30 our team of doctors, nurses and receptionists will be available to respond to your inquiries and address your requests with regard to administration and medical care at the Program Health Plus clinic. Other communication channels with the clinic will naturally continue to function. During working hours you can contact our reception by telephone or e-mail, outside of working hours our call service continues to operate.


  1. This effective tool for communication with the clinic staff enables you to manage your healthcare from anywhere and at any time you need. If a physical examination is not required, you can arrange most of your issues from your home or workplace.
  2. Our chat service staff are able to resolve all your requirements at once and provide you with complete information, including all your necessary documents. This will save you time on repeated telephone calls, e-mails or visits to the clinic.
  3. Via the chat service it is possible for both parties to send documents, photographs and other necessary materials, including ePrescripitons. Text communication can be switched to an audio or video call, and you can thus select the form of communication that best suits you. Simply ask a member of the chat team, who will set the required form of contact and take the call.
  4. With the aid of the online chat service you can consult our team on acute health complaints and make inquiries relating to your health, request an ePrescription and electronic health confirmation. In the area of administration you can order appointments for examinations, update your personal data, send various inquiries and requests, obtain answers to questions about the mobile app or advice on how to use it, and arrange other useful matters.
  5. Use of the chat service is easy and intuitive. Just click on the chat icon in the mobile app (on the main screen) or in the client zone (in the lower right-hand corner of the screen) and follow the “guidepost”. This will connect you to a member of the clinic’s chat service team who will be best able to advise or help you.
  6. Our chat service staff (doctors, nurses, receptionists) are able to transfer your requests among themselves and resolve all your issues at once. Thanks to this you can obtain the necessary answers and documents more quickly and easily.


  • To use the online chat service you need to have a generated password for access to the client zone, and to use the chat in your phone you need to download the HealthPlus mobile app (more information is available at https://programhplus.cz/mobilni-aplikace). If you do not have this login data at your disposal, contact our reception staff who will generate this data for you and also advise you on the use of our clinic’s electronic healthcare system. For the purpose of ensuring the security of sensitive personal data, access passwords can be provided to clients only in person, following verification of their identity.
  • To open the chat service just click on the online chat icon. This icon is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen in the client zone, and in the mobile app is directly on the main screen and in the main menu.
  • After clicking on the chat icon, follow the “guidepost”, where you can choose whether to address an issue regarding health, administration or other requirements. In order to speed up communication you will obtain a menu of options in which you can tick your requirements, according to which you will be connected with a receptionist, nurse or doctor, who will resolve everything necessary with you.
  • The online chat service currently operates every weekday from 07:30–15:30. Following the initial experiences in practice, the availability of the online chat service may be extended further. During the clinic’s working hours you can also contact our reception by telephone or e-mail, outside of working hours our call service continues to operate.
  • A broad offer of services is possible via our online chat service thanks to the fact that Program Health Plus medical staff have access to clients’ complete digitised health documentation, and have all the necessary administrative and medical information at their disposal. We ensure the thorough protection of all our clients’ personal data in accordance with the European GDPR directive.
  • If you wish to make use of access to the online chat service via the HealthPlus mobile app, you need to update it. In telephones which have automatic updates enabled, the app will update itself. If updates are not enabled, you need to perform a manual update.
  • Should you have any problems with the use of the chat service, telephone our receptionists, who will advise and assist you with everything you require.
    We are here for you and your health.