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Program Health Plus for family firms

The Association of Family Firms traditionally organises meetings for its members, incorporating professional seminars, workshops and thematically oriented discussions on the business of family firms. 
The last meeting took place in August at the Hotel Lotrinský in Velké Pavlovice. One of the eight speakers was Dr. Oldřich Šubrt, the founder of Program Health Plus. 
Together with the economist Lubor Lacina from Mendel University in Brno, Dr. Šubrt focused on the topical theme of the age of Covid-19, the Czech and European economy versus health, impacts of the pandemic on Czech healthcare and its expected course in the 2nd half of 2020. In addition the meeting also featured speakers such as Milan Rozbořil, an expert on private banking from ČSOB bank, Ondřej Planička, an attorney and partner at the Pavelka Partners legal office, Jan Pavelka, the chairman of the Association of Family Firms, and Dr. Petra Štogrová Jedličková, CEO of PP Business Services, who gave a lecture on the management of cash-flow and liquidity both in the period of Covid-19 and beyond it. The aim of the event, in addition to establishing social and business contacts, is to offer members of the association useful information and expert consultancy on various fields of enterprise, which is especially beneficial in today’s uncertain times. Program Health Plus is a long term member of the Association of Family Firms, and within the framework of the Primary Care Superclinic model the clinic focuses on providing healthcare for company employees. More information about the association is available at www.asociacerf.cz

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