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Testing for COVID-19

Program Health Plus clinic offers clients the option of testing for the presence of antibodies against the virus causing COVID-19, in the form of quick tests or serological tests conducted in a laboratory. Those interested can contact their personal doctor, who will arrange everything necessary with them. Testing is designated primarily for those who are coming to the end of their imposed period of quarantine. It is also possible, upon agreement with a personal doctor, to offer clients who have suffered from symptoms of the pathology in recent weeks (increased temperature, cough, respiratory complaints) and wish to verify whether they have been infected by the coronavirus. Tests can also be taken by people who have recovered from COVID-19 and wish to confirm whether they have antibodies.

The quick test is used to determine the presence of antibodies of the class IgM and IgG against the virus SARS-CoV-2, and does not itself demonstrate the presence of the virus. The performance of a quick test for antibodies, including communication of the results, takes 10-20 minutes. Clients will be informed of the results of the serological test for the presence of antibodies in a blood sample the next day. Testing for the presence of the coronavirus from a nasopharyngeal swab with the aid of molecular diagnosis (PCR) is currently still being performed only at testing centres designated by the hygiene service.

Tests are not covered by public health insurance.
Program Health Plus clinic offers its clients testing according to the following PRICE LIST:

Price for quick test
Test after end of quarantine period – FREE
Test not indicated for health reasons:
Clients in Sapphire and Diamond programmes – FREE
Clients in Garnet programme – 200 CZK

Price for serological test (Elisa/Clia method)
Clients in Diamond programme – FREE
Clients in Sapphire programme – 1x per year FREE, then for a fee of 900 CZK
Clients in Garnet programme – 900 CZK for each test


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