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The best time for flu vaccination

With the oncoming autumn, the optimum time is approaching for vaccination against flu, which is especially useful this year, when the flu season may intersect with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Program Health Plus clinic has flu vaccines available, and offers clients the option of reserving an appointment for vaccination. In the opinion of experts, the optimum time for vaccination is from October to December, as close as possible in time to the flu season, which usually begins in the Czech Republic at the turn of the year and peaks in February. This is because the effectiveness of the vaccine gradually weakens over time, and if applied too soon it may not provide sufficient protection. We will progressively contact clients who already have a reservation in order to arrange a suitable appointment time. Other clients can inform us of their interest in vaccination at any time via our online chat, by e-mail or telephone. 
Flu vaccination is recommended mainly for people aged over 65, for chronically ill individuals, children and pregnant women, as well as for healthy people of productive age who wish to avoid unfitness for work. Patients can consult a personal doctor for adults, or for children and adolescents, with regard to the suitability of vaccination for specific individuals. A four-part vaccine is used for protection against the four most commonly circulating flu viruses. Every year influenza affects hundreds of thousands within the Czech population, many of whom suffer serious effects. Extensive studies confirm that vaccination significantly reduces the risk of hospitalisation, death from flu or serious health complications. The flu vaccine cannot cause any illnesses itself, because it does not contain a complete virus. Even the potential adverse side effects are minimal, most usually manifested in mild pain, reddening or swelling in the place of injection, sometimes joint and muscle pain, fatigue or a raised temperature. However, all the symptoms soon subside by themselves. The risks of vaccination are therefore minimal, while the positive benefits is immense. Prepare for the flu season and contact Program Health Plus. 

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