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Why choose us

Program The Health Plus’s private healthcare facility offers comprehensive outpatient care with maximum comfort, privacy and a personal approach.  

A top quality team

A top quality team of doctors and nurses takes care of our clients’ health using the latest medical equipment. We organise highly specialised examinations and hospitalisation in association with our contractual partners, leading Czech and international hospitals.

Modern medicine

We utilise the options provided by modern medicine, including genetic tests, thanks to which we are able to target the medical care precisely. We maintain fully digitised medical records on our clients, so that they have a constantly updated picture of their condition of health, the dates of their examinations and the results of any tests.

Comprehensive care

We provide our clients with the most comprehensive care, ranging from precisely targeted prevention through to the resolution of all questions and problems concerning our clients’ physical and mental health.

A personal approach

Regardless of the chosen medical program, all of our clients have a personal physician who coordinates all their necessary healthcare. Moreover, we provide our clients with an extremely comfortable medical service with several advantages of club membership.

Time savings

We arrange all the organisation and coordination of the medical care at a time chosen by the client, without any waiting or time wasting. The great majority of our services (92%) are concentrated directly within the comfortable premises of the Health Plus Program’s clinic in Smíchov, Prague. 

24 hour services

The clinic provides round the clock services – clients can use the call service 24 hours a day and there is always a duty physician available to advise the patient over the telephone, make a house call or arrange an emergency examination or any necessary hospitalisation. 

A comfortable environment

The polyclinic is located in unique premises at the Anděl Shopping centre in Smíchov. There is a separate entrance to the car park and garage for clients. The interior has been decorated with works of art by internationally renowned artists and it provides clients with the maximum possible comfort. 

Maximum privacy

Health is a sensitive matter and for this reason we offer our clients the greatest possible privacy during a visit to the clinic. All the medical data about their condition of health and their digitalised medical records is secured with the highest possible level of security. 

Client zone

Thanks to the Client Zone on the clinic’s website, clients have access to all their personal medical reports, prescribed medications, appointments and results of examinations at all times. A mobile app which will provide clients with several new and useful services is also due to be launched soon.

Data security

We use a high degree of data security in accordance with the European regulation GDPR, and we continually increase the security of the clinic’s IT system. As a result, we are able to ensure maximum protection of our clients’ sensitive health information.

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